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About Us:
The Herbatrean Republic (Herbatrea) is an federal republic, which is mostly made up of several small enclaves of territory on the island of Great Britain.

Herbatrea is not recognised by any UN member state but has been recognised by and has diplomatic several states which are not UN members.

Our Government:
Herbatrea is a federal republic made up of six highly autonomous states; Greater Herbazona, Wick, Rodnesia, Lukeia, Maeshowe-Mirovia, and Mossbank. Herbatrean states are entirely self governing in all areas not explicitly reserved to the Herbatrean Federal Government, these are mostly: defence, foreign affairs, customs, financial & monetary policy, immigration, and some criminal law. But in many Herbatrean states have voluntarily given additional powers to the Federal Government for matters which states cannot carry out alone or which require uniform regulation across Herbatrea.

The Herbatrean Republic is a parliamentary republic with an executive presidency, this means that the Herbatrean president is a combined head of state and government but is elected by the Federal Assembly and is required to maintain the confidence of the Federal Assembly to remain in office. This is a similar system to what is used in South Africa, Botswana, and Kiribati.


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