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Most advertisements (ADs) in Herbatrea are public information advertisements from either the Herbatrean Federal Government, one of the state governments, or from Herbatrea based companies. If you want to run some ADs in Herbatrea you should email us at: [email protected]

We don't have a way of billing you so we might run your ADs for free.

We will probably only be interested if you own a company which operates in Herbatrea (or the HCC) or the adverts are very funny.

Q: Why aren't your ADs blocked by by adblocker?!?!
A:Because our ADs aren't really commercial advertisements, they're more website notices, we don't earn any money from them.

There are currently six sizes of adverts being shown on this website,
these include the 5 below and the large one at the top of this page:



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